WP 6

WP6 - Stakeholder engagement and empowerment through sharing of knowledge and training

Lead beneficiary: TCD


  • Identify – and if necessary group - stakeholders and target end users of the HEALTHY FUTURES project
  • Raise public, scientific and animal and public health sectors-specific awareness of the project, its objectives and activities
  • Set up effective dissemination tools and services for transfer of knowledge during the project
  • Ensure effective communication and feedback with end users and other stakeholders, including targeted workshops and coordination of a session dedicated to health and environmental change at the 8th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health, scheduled for 2013, and of an Africa-EU workshop hosted at NUR, Rwanda, focusing on linking climate change simulations with health (adaptation & policy) experts, specifically on the three target VBDs with a view to translating the generic approach and research findings to other at risk regions (e.g. Europe) and also other diseases
  • Effectively compile, customise (language, terminology, format) and transfer to end-users the new knowledge generated from project activities in formats and media that allow effective uptake and exploitation
  • Provide a range of training opportunities for project members (including postgraduate research students),stakeholders in and end users of deliverables from the project


Task 6.1 Identification – and if necessary grouping - of stakeholders and target end users of the HEALTHY FUTURES project

Task 6.2 General dissemination

Task 6.3 Targeted dissemination

Task 6.4 Communication and feedback

Task 6.5 Compilation of all knowledge generated from the project and translation (appropriate level, terminology, language) for end users

Task 6.6 Scientific publications of research and presentations at scientific conferences

Task 6.7 Engagement and training workshops (for refinement of Decision Support tools developed in WP5)

Task 6.8 Africa-EU Workshop


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