WP 2

WP2 - Disease information & database construction

Lead beneficiary: ICTP


  • Collection and quality assurance of information relating to each of the datasets defined in the work package, namely: historical information, socio-economic and conflict data, land cover/use and terrain data,  climate data, and disease data.
  • Development of a metadata base (store of information about existing information of relevance to the HEALTHY FUTURES project), and collation of all information from this Work Package within a project database (information platform) accessible through the project website.


Task 2.1 Collection of historical data

Task 2.2 Collection of socio-economic data

Task 2.3 Development of land cover/land use/terrain/surface water databases

Task 2.4 Developing climate databases and regional climate simulations

Task 2.5 Bringing Climate Databases to the kilometre-scale for use in disease analysis

Task 2.6 Compilation of disease data

Task 2.7 Creation of an online project database (information platform)


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