WP 7

WP7 - Enhancing research synergy & application

Lead beneficiary: NUR


Establish links and synergies with a cluster of relevant projects and enhance collaboration, e.g. with QWeCI, and setup an external formal peer-review mechanism that provides authoritative outside expert review of the project via four meetings convened annually to;

  • Avoid duplication with other funded global research efforts, including both EU and non-EU financed initiatives
  • Build relationships with stakeholders in Europe, in Africa, and internationally
  • Enhance quality control, review scientific results, and produce Decision Support tools, products, and services
  • Ensure proper oversight and adherence to the highest ethical principles and best practices with regard to patient privacy, policy promotion, and coordination with global donor funding efforts


Task 7.1 Identify relevant projects and conferences

Task 7.2 Establish an Expert Review Panel

Task 7.3 Formal peer-review and synergy events

Task 7.4 Report on meeting outcomes


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