National University of Rwanda, Butare, Rwanda - (NUR)



The National University of Rwanda (NUR) was created in 1963 conjointly by the Rwandan government and the Congregation of the Dominicans from the Province of Quebec (Canada). In 2005, the university had 8221 students and 425 lecturers.

Center for Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing (CGIS) was founded in 1999 through an agreement between the NUR and the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund  International. CGIS became a permanent structure within NUR with an inter-faculty status in 2001. The multidisciplinary team of GIS, RS, ICT, webmapping, environment, project management, financial and administration specialists have executed great achievements over recent years. This success was marked through the award of a "Special Achievement in GIS" award at the ESRI’s 26th Annual User Conference held in San Diego, California.

Vivien Munyaburanga is a Civil Engineer and holds a masters degree in Urban and Regional Planning with a specialisation in urban infrastructure management.

Jean Pierre Bizimana is a geographer and holds a masters degree in Urban Planning and Management.

Elias Nyandwi has a masters degree in Geo-Information Sciences and Earth Observation for Environmental System Analysis and Management.

CGIS-NUR researchers will mainly be involved in: WP 1: Project management (7-person months); WP 2: Disease information & database construction (18-person months). NUR is leader of Task 2.3: Development of land cover/land use/terrain/surface water database; Task 2.5: Bringing Climate Databases to the km-scale for use in disease analysis; Task 2.7: Creation of an online project database (information platform); WP4: Disease risk and vulnerability mapping (54-person months). NUR is leader of Task 4.1: Identification of current vulnerability hotspots for the 3 target diseases; Task 4.3: Provision of land-use change scenarios; Task 4.4: Provision of socioeconomic change scenarios; Task 4.6: Risk and vulnerability mapping of disease morbidity and related impacts; WP 6: Stakeholder engagement and empowerment through sharing of knowledge and training (2-person months). NUR is leader of Task 6.8: Africa-EU 2nd Workshop; WP7: Enhancing research synergy and application. NUR is leader or co-leader of the four tasks comprising WP 7.

NUR is also on the membership of the Expert Review Panel representing the HEALTHY FUTURES project.

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