Work Package 2

D2.3 Project database (PDF 2.37 MB)

Work Package 3

D3.1 Schistosomiasis site analysts (PDF 1.17MB)

D3.2 RVF/malaria study site analysis (PDF 2.07MB)

Work Package 4

D4.1 Vulnerability assessment for the eastern African region to identify hotspots (PDF 2.17MB)

D4.4 Future socioeconomic changes (PDF 2.69MB)

D4.5 High resolution regional climate projections for eastern Africa (PDF 4.65 MB)

D4.6 Future disease risk and vulnerability (PDF 9.25 MB)

Work Package 5

D5.1 Identification of environmental management and climate change adaptation strategies (click link to access report and country documents)

D5.2 Identification and engagement of key stakeholders (PDF 2.41MB)

D5.3 Inventory of use of current tools by key stakeholders in their decision processes (PDF 5.24MB)

D5.4 Risk-based decision-support framework for prevention and control of Rift Valley fever epidemics in eastern Africa (PDF 1.2MB)

D5.5 Development of decision support framework (1.4 MB)

Work Package 6

D6.2 Project website (PDF 1.42MB)

D6.3 Project Brochure (PDF 1.53MB)

D6.4 News release 1 (PDF 1MB)

D6.5 News release 2 (PDF 1MB)

D6.6 News release 3 (PDF 1MB)

D6.7 News release 4 (PDF 1MB)

D6.8 News release 5 (PDF 1MB)

D6.9 News release 6 (PDF IMB)

D6.10 News release 7 (PDF IMB)

D6.11 Project update for stakeholders 1 (PDF 0.83MB)

D6.12 Project update for stakeholders 2 (PDF 1.09MB)

D6.13 Project update for stakeholders 3 (PDF 0.82MB)

D6.14 Project update for stakeholders 4 (PDF 0.81MB)

D6.17 Generic skills and networking workshops 1 (PDF 0.91MB)

D6.18 Generic skills and networking workshops 2 (PDF 1.22MB)

Work Package 7

D7.1 Expert Review Panel Meeting 1 (PDF 0.95MB)

D7.2 Expert Review Panel Meeting 2 (PDF 0.84MB)

D7.3 Expert Review Panel Meeting 3 (PDF 0.91MB)

D7.4 Expert Review Panel Meeting 4 (PDF 0.92MB)

D7.5 One publically release report (PDF 1.91MB)

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