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AquaTT is an international foundation which provides project management and training services to support the sustainable development of Europe's aquatic resources. AquaTT's mission is to bridge the knowledge gap between the dynamic R&D environments and the progressive commercial sector. AquaTT has, for nineteen years, specialised in EU project participation and management, and has the ability to provide a range of services in research projects including; project management, communication, dissemination, training, and technology and knowledge transfer to target end users.

david_onlineDavid Murphy is the Manager AquaTT and has 9 years of experience working in EC projects in the field of Education, Training and RTD, having coordinated 9 and participated in over 25. Amongst others he was the coordinator of the biggest educational thematic network in Aquaculture, Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, AQUATNET (2000-2005) and helped expand the network to encompass vocational and academic learning to meet the challenges of the Bologna and Copenhagen Processes and Reforms. AquaTT continue to manage the secretariat and services of the network currently coordinated by Gent University. David is also facilitator of the Knowledge Management Thematic Area of the European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform (EATIP). His experience will ensure that HEALTHY FUTURE’s communication and dissemination activities are best practice ensuring a measurable impact on target end users.

aquatt website photo paulPaul Lowen is an environmental scientist taken on by AquaTT as a project officer specifically for the HEALTHY FUTURES project. Paul previously worked in education for the National Parks & Wildlife Service of Ireland, which entailed developing & delivering education programmes to school & public groups. He also has experience in working in Ecological Consultancy and the Irish Fisheries Board. He holds a degree in Environmental Biology and an international multi-disciplinary masters in Ecosystem Conservation & Landscape Management.

In HEALTHY FUTURES AquaTT will be responsible for the overall administrative management of the project, leading WP 1, in support of the overall coordinator (Professor Taylor). Since both AquaTT and the lead institution in HEALTHY FUTURES (TCD) are based in Dublin, frequent and regular update and progress meetings will be possible, face-to-face. AquaTT will co-lead WP 6 ‘Dissemination, training and knowledge transfer’; general dissemination using AquaTT’s services to ensure awareness and customised dissemination for target end-users. AquaTT will be involved in WP 7 ‘Enhancing research synergy and application’, organising the Expert Review Panels associated with this WP.

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