WP 1

WP1 - Project management

Lead beneficiary: AquaTT


  • To maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the work performed within the project
  • To ensure that international standards relating to information collection, management and reporting are met
  • To plan, organise and manage resources to bring about the successful completion of project goals and deliverables
  • To facilitate all communication (e.g. written, verbal, interpersonal, virtual) within the consortium to ensure that concerns are addressed, to establish formal roles and  responsibilities, and to provide clarity and ensure and maintain good contact between the project and the European Commission


Task: 1.1 Online project management system

Task: 1.2 Communication Plan

Task: 1.3 Organise partner meetings

Task: 1.4 Administrative project management

Task: 1.5 Data management

Task: 1.6 Project risk management plan

Task: 1.7 Quality and Evaluation Plan


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