WP 3

WP3 - Environment-disease transmission relationships & modelling

Lead beneficiary: UDUR


  • Conduct two field studies to evaluate databases of environment and hydrological data constructed in WPs2 and 4, respectively, and to collect disease vector/host information for improved understanding of disease cycles with a focus on uncertain parameters/process in existing dynamical disease models that will be developed within the work package
  • Develop statistical multivariate regression models for infection rates of each disease in eastern Africa and compare with existing models
  • Use both statistical and dynamical models to generate VBD emergence and spread input to disease risk mapping (latter is part of WP4)


Task 3.1. Field Studies for the three target diseases

Task 3.1a Schistosomiasis transmission in Uganda/Kenya

Task 3.1b RVF and malaria transmission in Kenya

Task 3.2: Evaluation and development of statistical disease models

Task 3.3 Evaluation and development of dynamical disease models (Task 3.3 is split into three tasks (a-c))

Task 3.3a Malaria

Task 3.3b RVF

Task 3.3c Schistosomiasis

Task 3.4 Scenario integration

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