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The University of Nairobi, a body corporate established by an Act of Parliament Cap 210 of the Laws of Kenya is the pioneer institution of University education in Kenya and the region. The only institution of higher learning in Kenya for many years, the University of Nairobi responded to the national regional and Africa's high level manpower training needs by developing and evolving strong, diversified academic programmes and specializations in sciences, applied sciences, technology, humanities, social sciences and the arts. To date, the number of programmes offered is approximately two hundred, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, with inbuilt quality control systems. The University also provides an environment and policy framework for undertaking high quality and relevant research and has mainstreamed consultancy as a core function. The University also participates in community programs and activities as part of its core functions. Since 2008 the University has been ISO certified (ISO 9001 - 2000 Quality Management System (QMS)).

Institute of Development Studies (IDS), formed in 1965, is one of the oldest and best-established research institutes in Africa. IDS is a multipurpose and multi-disciplinary institute within the University of Nairobi’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences. It focuses on social and economic issues of development in Kenya, the rest of Africa and the world. In addition to initiating its own academic and policy-oriented research, IDS provides research services to government, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector. IDS build capacity for the analysis of development issues through its MA and PhD programmers. It uses its seminar series, workshops, and publications to communicate and get feedback on its research results. IDS also encourage intellectual exchange through collaborative research and welcoming research associates.

Winnie Mittulah is Associate Research Professor in the IDS. She has a BA and a MA in Political Science and Public Administration (both from the University of Nairobi) and a PhD from the Institute of Advanced architectural Studies, University of York, U.K. Winnie is an experienced researcher who has published widely. The focus of her published work is eastern Africa, while the scope of her publications reflects the breadth of her research interests, including governance, poverty, local (including urban) development and planning, natural resources (notably freshwater fisheries) and temporary and illegal settlements.

IDS researchers are responsible for analyses of socio-economic, settlement and migration data and of policies relating to the occurrences of and responses to outbreaks of the three VBDs in the study area (Task 2.1)

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