The HEALTHY FUTURES consortium comprises both Africa- and Europe-based institutions, with the majority (8 of a total of 16) based in Africa. The consortium maximises (with its background in research of relevance to achieving the aims of the HEALTHY FUTURES project, including ongoing EU FP7-funded research) use of existing research expertise and infra-structure, and therefore provides a cost-effective response to the ENV.2010.1.2.1-1 call; 'The effect of environmental change on the occurrence and distribution of water related vector-borne diseases in Africa''.

Members of the consortium who are based in participating institutions cover the range of expertise required for successful implementation and completion of the HEALTHY FUTURES project. This range includes: the three water-related, VBDs (including epidemiology and modelling); environmental science (including environmental history); environmental (including climate) change modelling; spatial analysis (including GIS and remote sensing); meteorology; public health and veterinary sciences; social sciences, including the fields of economics, geography, sustainable development and urban planning and governance; vector control.

Trinity College Dublin is the coordinator of the project.

Prof. David Taylor of National University of Singapore is the Scientifc coordinator of the project.

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